If you are not returning your test at one of the specified drop-off locations, please adhere to the following steps:

Scenario 1 - test kit mailed directly to your home: If you were mailed a test directly to your house, you should have been provided a prepaid return label. Attach this label to the outside of the box and ship back through any UPS drop off location. If you were not provided this label, please adhere to scenario 2.

Scenario 2 - you want to mail a test kit directly to the lab back yourself:

If you pick-up a test on campus, you can independently mail your activated test directly back to the lab. You will need to pay for overnight shipping. If your test came in a bag it will need to go into a box for shipping. You can pick-up a mailer at some of the pick-up/drop-off locations on campus. Alternatively, UPS can provide a UN3373 marked shipping box free of charge. You need to have this sticker in order to mail your test.

If you would like to ship back to the lab, here is the address:
Attn: Sandrine McClain
P23 Labs
7426 Hodgson Memorial Drive
GA 31406

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