1). Pick-up your kit

2). You must activate your kit immediately with your Order ID when you collect your sample. To activate your kit go to https://mybinxhealth.com/activate . You can do this either on your mobile phone or desktop. Your Order ID can be found on the barcode of the specimen collection tube.

3). Enter your Order ID into your activation code box. Then you have to register your account by entering your log-in information. You will then be asked to enter your name, date of birth, address, and then consent to testing. Make sure to use your NETID@nyu.edu email address. Make sure you carefully read the Terms & Conditions.

4). Once you already have an account, the next time you get tested you will be able to skip the registration step. You have to first log-in to your account at https://app.mybinxhealth.com/login and then enter your Order ID for kit activation.

You MUST activate each of your kits before you collect your sample. This helps us track your sample through to the lab.

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