binx works with a network of licensed clinicians to review patient test requests and results. Our clinicians are independent service providers who are collaborating with binx to offer review of test orders, authorization, if appropriate and consultation services for our at-home testing. binx patients are able to speak with the clinicians before, after and throughout the test process. 

When we receive an order for a binx STI test, we follow federal and state laws requiring the request is sent to a licensed clinician for review.  The test requisition is delivered to the independent clinician through a HIPAA-secure interface. The clinician then reviews the request and determines, based on medical guidelines and practice, whether the test is appropriate for the customer. If the clinician determines that the test is not appropriate for the customer, they will notify binx, who will contact the patient and provide a refund. If the clinician approves the request, they will order the test. After the test is run, our partner laboratory will send the test report to the clinician for review. The independent clinician reviews and releases the test results to binx. If the results are positive, the patient will be contacted directly by the clinician via phone call. 

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